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Everything you need for a typical AMSOIL oil change

This article was provided by Robert Riley to assist other customers.

amsoil first oil change. series 2000 0w 30. the best motor oil money can buy

Everything you see here in the photo is recommended for "most" people who use their vehicle as a daily driver. Includes passenger cars, SUV's, van's, mini-van's or pick-up trucks.

*** If your vehicle is brand new, click here for new vehicle installation procedure.

AMSOIL products pictured:

Motor Oil: AMSOIL Series 2000 0w30 (this oil has been replaced with new and improved Signature Series 0W30 oil).

Number of quarts needed & oil viscosity varies from vehicle to vehicle. Please refer "Cars & Light Trucks" product lookup guide to lookup the correct oil & quantity for your specific vehicle(s).

Oil Filter: AMSOIL SDF-13 shown. SDF filters are now being replaced with new and improved EaO Nanofiber Oil Filters. EaO15k filters are rated for 1 year or 15,000 miles. Standard EaO filters are rated for 1 year or 25,000 miles service life. Please refer "Cars & Light Trucks" product lookup guide to locate oil filter part number for your vehicle.

The EaO Nanofiber Oil Filters cleans out particles smaller than 10 micron. This is what makes it possible to go on such long intervals between filter changes. Microscopic metal particles are what cause your engine internals and bearings to wear out fast (which is what the auto and oil companies want so you can keep buying cars and going back to them every 3,000 miles which generates billions of dollars in revenue for them.)

Engine Flush: AMSOIL engine flush is recommended to clean your engine especially if you suspect sludge formation from previous usage of lower quality oils. AMSOIL engine flush cleans out sludge and varnish and prepares your engine for a fresh start with AMSOIL synthetic oil. Also if you drive the full 25,000 miles with AMSOIL signature series oils, I suggest doing an engine flush between oil changes.

Using AMSOIL engine flush is only a recommended service procedure and not mandatory to install AMSOIL synthetic oils.

What Should I Know Before Installing Amsoil?

Using AMSOIL's signature series motor oils, rated for 1 year or 25,000 miles, would be equivalent to 8 conventional oil changes using petroleum oil, if you choose to take full advantage of the extended drain technology.

While the 8 conventional oil changes would build up sludge and varnish over time, AMSOIL's synthetic oil would not. Using AMSOIL's synthetic oil would keep wear at an absolute bear minimum. AMSOIL's protection far exceeds any conventional oil that you will ever find on any store shelf. It costs more money when you don't use AMSOIL because of getting less protection using conventional oil and cheap filters, so you'd be getting more wear and tear on your engine internals requiring engine rebuilding.

Thousands of engines using this same oil have well exceeded 400,000 miles and still look like new inside when the engine internals have been examined.

When I first started out using Amsoil a few years ago, I signed up under their preferred customer option plan to buy at a discount. I actually tried and tested the products for a full year in a few of my cars before I decided to become a dealer. Obviously I'm very pleased with the products otherwise I wouldn't have contributed this article.

Engine Flush Procedure:

An engine running on mineral oil, conventional synthetic or synthetic blend motor oil and which has more than 20,000 miles can benefit from an engine flush. Flushing the engine is fairly simple and inexpensive. Before an oil change, add Amsoil engine flush with the existing engine oil and run it on fast idle for about 15-20 minutes. Drain it hot to get most of the dirt out of the engine.

We recommend an engine flush because conventional oil's leave behind layers of varnish and sludge on vital engine components. This oxidation process is inevitable even when a vehicle is extremely well maintained due to high volatility of conventional and other brand synthetic motor oils.

Benefits of an engine flush: Amsoil motor oils are engineered with many properties, the varnish and sludge formed due to oxidation prevents Amsoil to deliver all of its unique properties such as; The molecules of Amsoil are evenly shaped, sized and are much smaller than a conventional oil. This important property enables the lubricant to stick and penetrate into microscopic porous metal surfaces. This greatly reduces engine wear and keeps the engine well lubricated while parked overnight. This is the very reason why engines using Amsoil starts and run normally even in extreme low temperatures. Also reduces start up emissions and eliminates engine wear during a cold start.

Even though Amsoil motor oils are engineered with an effective cleaning agent, which keeps cleaning vital components as you drive, an engine flush would make this process much quicker. In older cars with more miles please allow some time of Amsoil use before you could see a noticeable difference in performance and fuel economy.

Importance of Using Amsoil Oil Filter

Oil filter is an integral and an important part of any lubrication system. Amsoil filters uses very high quality filtration material and has the highest amount of filtration area in any filter.

For commercial gasoline powered vehicles like police cars, taxi cabs, delivery vans etc could take advantage of remote filtration kit. This filtration kit can remove particles less than 1 micron in size. Most of the engine wear occurs when the oil contains particles more than 5 micron. 60% of engine wear occurs between 5-25 microns. A free flow filter fitted standard in all engines cannot filter this! This kit will virtually eliminate engine wear and dramatically increase your vehicles life. Click here to learn more about filtration systems: PDF File 1.31mb

Diesel truck and fleet owners please view the PDF file to understand how you could virtually eliminate oil change and engine wear. This means tens and thousands of dollars back into your business instead into a oil company at the cost of environmental pollution. Please click here to see: PDF file 305kb

***Important Notice: Increasing number of customers are notifying us about problems experienced at their dealership when requesting to install AMSOIL. In these cases the dealership's certified mechanics installed regular motor oil instead of AMSOIL. This is a serious problem, if you happen to follow long drain interval on a regular motor oil.

If you are planning to get AMSOIL installed by the dealership, please make sure to ask the empty bottles back. If possible avoid dealership and go to a local mechanic where you can watch while the oil change is performed.

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