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Today's Gasoline Fuel has Issues

Low levels of additives in the fuel

Most vehicle owners are unaware of how dirty the insides of their engines actually are. Culprit: Poor fuel quality & lack of anti-deposit additives.

Today's fuel has very low levels of additives, which allows deposits to build up quickly, impeding engine operation.

Deposits on valves absorb fuel when the engine is still cold, altering the air-to-fuel ratio. They can also disrupt air flow into the cylinders and cause the valves to stick. Deposits that accumulate on fuel injectors cause an irregular spray pattern, making the air/fuel mix less efficient for burning.

Deposits that build up in the combustion chamber can cause excessive temperatures, which can lead to pre-ignition or knocking. Combustion-chamber deposits can also flake off and become stuck between the exhaust valve and seat, causing it to stick slightly open.

These issues ultimately lead to diminished fuel economy, increased emissions, loss of power and rough engine operation.

intake valve deposits

AMSOIL P.i. (API) is a potent formula with detergents that remove deposits. It works by cleaning everything the fuel touches, including fuel injectors, intake valves and combustion chambers.

In just one tank of gasoline it removes deposits that have built up over thousands of miles, thereby restoring power, improving engine operation, reducing emissions and increasing fuel economy. Product testing has shown fuel economy improvements of up to 5.7 percent and a reduction in emissions of up to 26 percent.

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Blog Title: Today's fuels can harm the engine
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John R said: space

Frequency of use

Good product to keep the engine clean & it purrs! How often should I use this in my car. Also can this be added to gas used on small engines (like mowers & snow blowers)? Another worthy product from AMSOIL.

| San Diego, California

Re: Frequency of use

Treat gas every 4,000 miles or 100 hours of service.

Use AMSOIL's Quickshot SE Additive & Stabilizer (AQS) for small engines. Replied by blog Admin

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