Home Heating Fuel Extender

Improves combustion efficiency. Cleans soot deposits for improved heat transfer. Reduces smoke output. Keeps nozzle clean and operating at peak efficiency. Cleans from the tank to the burner for dependable operation.

Home Heating Oil Fuel Extender is Now Replaced with
AMSOIL Diesel Concentrate Fuel Additive (ADF)

Since AMSOIL Diesel Concentrate provides many of the same benefits (and lot more) in heating oil furnace applications.

Performance Features

  • Improves fuel economy through increased combustion efficiency
  • Reduces smoke output
  • Cleans pre-formed soot deposits for improved heat transfer
  • Keeps burner nozzle clean and operating at peak efficiency
  • Improves and maintains fuel stability during periods of storage
  • Cleans tanks, lines, pump and fuel filters and keeps them clean for continuous, dependable operation
  • Provides extra corrosion protection for longer furnace life

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