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Pennzoil's GTL Technology

Pennzoil's - "motor oil reimagined"

Pennzoil's "motor oil reimagined" marketing campaign is based on gas-to-liquid (GTL) base oil technology.

Consumers should be aware that GTL technology is simply a process that converts natural gas, obtained by Pennzoil from Qatar, into Group III base oil (Group III is petroleum base oil).

Because motor oils are formulated with GTL base oils does not mean they outperform other synthetic formulated oils. There is no magic base oil that elevates one motor oil over all others.

It's the precise combination of quality base oils and additives that defines motor oil performance, and AMSOIL motor oils are built on this foundation.

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Blog Title: GTL Technology - is it better than true synthetic?
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Nick Jr. said: space

Test results

Is there a test result comparing GTL oils with true synthetics? I also could not find proper technical properties to compare where they stand.

When it comes to marketing, companies use all the best words in the world, but without numbers they mean nothing.

| Calgary, Alberta

Re: Test results

AMSOIL has not yet compared GTL oils & published test data.

Technical properties must be published by the individual manufacturer. AMSOIL makes this available for all of its motor oils, gear oils, ATF & also grease. But some manufacturers choose not to publish or publish minimal data. Replied by blog Admin

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